Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Since my old HGSE blog was wiped out on SpyMac, I'm trying to recall what I posted.  
This is one of the projects I did for my software engineering class at Berkeley.  My project group got to use CS to solve an issue that has been plaguing art history profs and students alike for years.  For every lecture, the prof (or TA) has to go into the slide library and manually put slides into the Kodak Carousel (yes, I watched that episode of Mad Men), and then have to post whatever reproductions in the art history library so students can see them whenever they want.  
We created ArtBanc to move the entire process online.  A portal where instructors can upload, categorize, and generate PowerPoint presentations, and a student portal where they can see the art when and where ever. 

The first image is a UI prototype, the second is a screen shot from the working portal.  This was all back in 2001.


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